Motherfaster interview @ BehindTheVeil


1. Hello! How are you? How are things in the MOTHERFASTER camp at the moment?
Bill: We are great! Rehearsing like always, planning to release the record the best way possible and composing new stuff all the time.

2. I would like to know when the idea of creating MOTHERFASTER started to grow in you. What exactly motivated you or inspired you to create MOTHERFASTER?
Paminos: Jim (drums) wanted to go for a jam session just the three of us. We went to the studio just for the hell of it and we ended up writing automatically two songs in ten minutes. Also the sound and the feel of it all was different from anything we had done so far and so we decided to go for it.

3. The sound of your band is not something that we are used to listening in the Greek heavy metal scene. So, I would like from you to describe your sound to people who will read this interview and also tell us which your inspirations are.
Jim: The MOTHERFASTER sound is best described as a dinosaur riot!
Bill: I always liked the way rehearsals sound and I wanted to bring that in the record. When you press the play button you can feel you are standing next to us!
Paminos: It’s always difficult to describe the sound with words. If you ask ten people what it sounds like, you’ll get ten different answers. The best thing is to check it out for yourself! Especially when it is just a click on the computer or phone or whatever you’re using! That’s what I do when somebody tells me of a band I don’t know anyway.

4. Which is or are according to you the elements in the music of MOTHERFASTER that make your sound distinguishable?
Paminos: I could tell you about amplifiers, guitars, snares and shit, but the three elements that make the sound distinguishable are Pam, Bill and Jim. If you take one away, the sound will not be there.

5. Two of the band members are also members of the band AFTER DUSK. How does this affect your participation in both bands? Can we say that MOTHERFASTER is a side project?
Paminos: It started as a side project, but it turned out to be a full time band like AFTER DUSK. It doesn’t affect mine or Bill’s participation in either band, we just have to go for rehearsals twice as much, but that’s it.

6. By the way how did you come up with the name MOTHERFASTER? What does it mean to you?
Jim: It’s my fault. Paminos thought we should call the band MOTHERFUCKER, but it was missing something. After a couple of hours and a bottle of Vodka I came up with the name!
Paminos: It’s the coolest band name I’ve ever heard. I remember Jim texted me and when I read the word MOTHERFASTER I smiled, run to Bill and said: The name of the band is MOTHERFASTER!

7. I am always interested in the lyrics and from the little I understood, I think that you have some very interesting ones. So, who writes them, what inspires you to write them and finally can you give us some hints of the lyrical theme of each song that you have included in your album?
Paminos: Me and Jim write the lyrics. Sometimes alone, other times together. As far as inspiration goes it has to be something dirty to match the vibe of the song. Most of the times I leave the title of the song for Jim to decide, because he is great at it! The first song is an introduction to the album and has no lyrics. The second song is about a drug – sex abuse situation that ends up in murder. The third entitled “The Nymph and the God” is a parallelism between an ancient Greek myth and a modern day situation – a bad love story. The fourth called “Twenty Four Seven” is about a bad ass mafia guy. Then there is “Tunes of Doom” about imposing religious fear on children. “Jealously Insane” is exactly what it sounds like… We will not tell you about “Mirrors of Sanity”; it’s up to you what it means… “Red Lights” is about a guy that fell in love with a whore and “The Royal Treatment” is about a serial rapist that gets it from his last victim. Happy, delightful stories!

8. I know that you are still searching for a label to release your record. Have you had any offerings so far? What do you want from a label to offer you in order to make a deal?
Paminos: Well, we have been searching for a couple of months since the album was ready and we have some proposals, but we cannot discuss them. Hopefully we will have some good news on this soon. What we want is to get heard by the people that will dig what we are playing. That’s the big bet.

9. In case you don’t find any label, will you release the album on your own?
Paminos: Yes we would, but we will probably have a label.

10. Since we have mentioned AFTER DUSK before. I would like to know if you have any new material ready and when we should expect your new album.
Bill: We have many new songs and we are trying to figure out which are going to be in the album. It’s not going to be ready before a year and a half from now. What is more important for AFTER DUSK now, is that we are going to mix “The Devil Got His Soul” again. The new mix by Jeffro (the guy that mixed the MOTHERFASTER album) is far better than the old mix (the one you have heard) which was made by us. That way we will close this chapter and continue with the new album.

11. From the reviews that you got so far which is the biggest compliment that you have received? Is there something common that every reviewer underlines for your music?
Bill: The biggest compliment is that the reviewers exclude us from the majority of the other bands they listen to every day. Also they are very impressed by the simplicity, yet fullness of our sound.
Paminos: Yes, the fact that we have a signature sound. You play a song and you know who it is before the vocals come in.

12. Thanks for your time answering my questions. Hope to see you here for a live in Thessaloniki. Please close this interview in your own personal way…
Bill: We plan to come to Thessaloniki very soon… Until then keep your head up high and rock n’ roll.
Paminos: Heavy fuckin’ metal!
Jim: Death to the digital faggot.

Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis


Motherfaster @ Terrorizer’s compilation CD!

terrMotherfaster is featured on Terrorizer magazine issue 254 compilation CD, Fear Candy No138, along with Exodus, Obituary and other great bands! A very special thank you to our good friend Dimitris from Pandora’s Box Booking for making this happen!!!

ter mff

Houston, WE ARE the problem!

autopsy 17-11

Catch a Motherfaster song you have never heard before (except for those of you who were in our shows) on a dozen of radio stations during this week!

The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show 17th – 23rd November 2014

Houston… we ARE the problem. That’s right, we’re sticking it to the man again, even if it’s the man in the Moon. Join us for another great leap for metal with a finger in the eye of mainstream and a pickaxe up the sphincter of the mundane. What on Earth, or Moon are we talking about? Must be too much oxygen in our suits. Just tune in…

This week’s playlist:

Powerwolf – Son of a Wolf
Eyes of the Insane – Black Doom
Infitar – Mission Frontalist And Hedonis
Offensive Ground – Emptiness
Ripsaw – Evening In Chaos
Ravenous – Ravenous
Wrayth – Something to Hide
Hammerdrone – Subtle Knives
Counterhold – Victim Of A Parasite
Necrodemon – Supernatural
Engines Of Vengeance – Marwencol
Voodoo Terror Tribe – Twenty12
Motherfaster – The Royal Treatment
Insaniter – Ancient
AxX of Hate – Feel the Burn
Ripio – Decidir El Final
Patron Saint Of Plagues – Anarchy
De Mortuis – Son of Perdition
Pariah – Damnd
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown – Fire


Prepare to be dissected.

Album review @ Behind the veil




Motherfaster-cover1I think that most of you that check my site have already realized that I am fan of the traditional metal sound and I will write this review from the point of view of a traditional metal fan. Through the years that I write for this site I have listened to many bands that try to marry the classic with the modern metal sound and actually most of them have failed to impress me.

There are, though, a few golden exceptions to this rule and I am happy to see that one of these exceptions are the Greeks MOTHERFASTER. In their debut album they present a sound that is rooted in the 70’s and 80’s metal sound and yet they have a modern production and don’t hesitate to use some grooves when needed. I think that their influences can be found in such bands like BLACK SABBATH (with Ozzy), Ozzy Osbourne and of course BLACK LABEL SOCIETY. There are, however, moments where they add a rock ‘n’ roll element to their sound that brings to mind good old MOTORHEAD and such an example is the track with the title “Jealously Insane”. In my opinion MOTHERFASTER introduce themselves in a very impressive way with their debut album which is characterized by inspiration, fantasy and passion. Hope they continue this way in the future too…

Nick “Verkaim” Parastatidis


Album review @ (In Greek)

Motherfaster! Ένα όνομα που αν δεν σου φέρει στο μυαλό αυτό που εννοούσαν οι Αθηναίοι heavy metallers όταν το σκέφτονταν, πρέπει να πατήσεις το replay στον ομώνυμο δίσκο και να πιάσεις μια μπύρα. Το κλασσικό old school heavy metal στα βήματα που χάραξαν οι Black Sabbath σε συνδυασμό  με το southern στοιχείο αποτελούν τη μουσική του ‘’Motherfaster’’. Με απλότητα στον ήχο τους και χωρίς περίεργα εφέ, αυτό το μουσικό τριο είναι ξεκάθαρο στα συναισθήματα που θέλει να προκαλέσει, σε όσους του δώσουν τη δέουσα σημασία, με την κυκλοφορία αυτού του ντεμπούτου album τους: μίσος και όρεξη για φασαρίες. Γρήγορα και εντυπωσιακά groov-ατα riffs με τρομερές αλλαγές τέμπο και παραδοσιακά heavy solo στην κιθάρα.Το μπάσο, μόνιμα σε παραμόρφωση, γεμίζει το ‘’κενό’’ της ρυθμικής κιθάρας και αγριεύει κατά πολύ τον ήχο της μπάντας, ενώ τα τύμπανα δένουν τον όλο αυτό ήχο πολύ σωστά και απλά, βγάζοντας feeling και όχι απορία για το τι παίζει και με ποια τεχνική ο drummer.

Δείχνουν εμπειρία στο χώρο, καθώς ο Παμίνος (φωνητικά και μπάσο) και ο Βασίλης (κιθάρα) είναι μέλη των After Dusk, επίσης heavy μπάντα. Οι στίχοι γράφονται από τον Παμίνο και τον Δημήτρη (τύμπανα) και είναι προσωπικές ιστορίες που, όπως δήλωσαν και οι ίδιοι, κάποιες είναι πραγματικές και κάποιες όχι. Καλογραμμένοι στίχοι και συνδυάζονται άριστα με τη μουσική, βάζοντας σε μέσα στην εκάστοτε ιστορία που διηγούνται. Ανυπομονούμε προφανώς για την επίσημη κυκλοφορία του δίσκου,ο οποίος θα περιέχει 9 κομμάτια και για έναν ακόμη δίσκο σύντομα, ώστε να συνεχίσουν τα παιδιά αυτή την πολύ καλή δουλειά που ξεκίνησαν με το ‘’Motherfaster’’.

By JoJo Apostolopoulos


Radio Debut for our first single ‘The nymph and the god”!!!


The Autopsy Report Metal Radio Show 29th September – 5th October 2014

Dare you enter the brutal mind of the metal DJ? What might you find in there? That which scares you? Excites you? Or just fucking irritates you? Whatever dude. Inside this DJ’s mind we have a plethora of brutal upcoming independent bands all waiting to psychoanalyse you and give you the shock treatment. So, tell us about your mother, and tune in!!!

This week’s playlist:

Gormathon – In Benevolence
Obzidian – Preservation Of The Wretched
Wrayth – Taker of Souls
Ravenous – Reverse (sympathy)
Hammerdrone – Prometheus Is Murdered
Counterhold – Time To Die
Patron Saint Of Plagues – Hangtime Shuffle
Engines Of Vengeance – Live Clean, Fight Dirty
Chris Violence – The Working Dead
Elias T. Hoth – Lock n Load
After Dusk – Gamma Ray Burst
Motherfaster – The Nymph And The God
Voodoo Sex Cult – 40 Days
Insaniter – Allay Of Fear
The Senton Bombs – Nothing Quite Like This
Le Poisson – Waves
Ripio – Manos En La Espalda
Voodoo Terror Tribe – Screaming Dreams
Argent – Hold Your Head Up


Prepare to be dissected.

Debut album cover and tracklist revealed!

Motherfaster-cover1Debut album cover and tracklist revealed!
The first song will be available for streaming and exclusive download in the next few days!
Album release date soon to be announced!
1.Not a good idea
2.A bad idea
3.The nymph and the god
4.Twenty-four seven
5.Tunes of doom
6.Jealously insane
7.Mirrors of sanity
8.Red lights
9.The royal treatment
Engineered by George Emmanuel
Mixed and mastered by Jeffro Lackscheide
Produced by Motherfaster © 2014